The XMPlay Support site is a resource for users of the audio player XMPlay. It has been called to life by Nathan “Keltic Danor” Hindley in 2004, who unfortunately had to give up caring for the site in early 2006. The project had then been picked up by Thomas “Rah’Dick” Radeke, who was maintaining the XMPlay Archive, a site which offered (almost) all versions of XMPlay that were ever released.

The site became the result of a merging of both the archive and the support site into one and reprogramming the whole site from scratch – with the target to offer all XMPlay users a greater experience of their favourite player.

Near the end of 2010 Nathan returned to give the site a small facelift and more importantly make it possible for more people to maintain the site quickly and easily and so it changed that the very community the site was designed to support, was also the driving force behind keeping it up to date.


Un4seen Development Support for XMPlay