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  1. Hello, I love how your HD satellite map looks! Although the quality on it isn’t terribly good. Would you be able to increase the resoulution of each of the tiles to say 8k? If not, could you tell me how you made it so I could attempt at making a higher resolution version?

    1. The original map files are 8192 × 8192. So, theoretically, the maps are 8k+
      All the map resolutions are in the readme files.

      The original map files are taken from the [ Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual ] Windows App that was on the Rockstar website, Not sure where to get it now?Each map was made up of 1024 tiles stitched together and divided into 6 tiles as the game needed. So I could not make the resolution any higher than the overall stitched together map files.

      This time-consuming work as well as street naming was already done by [bowlingforsoups from gtaforums.com] This user’s maps’ overall resolution is the same as what I achieved when stitching together the 1024 tiles. So I just used these maps from bowlingforsoup
      You can get the original map files I used here : http://gtaforums.com/topic/842337-maps-with-all-street-names-labeled

      I have not found any higher resolution images for GTAV. Maybe you could try upscaling the map images.?

      Best of luck

      PS: All the maps are from the [ Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual ] App. This came out before the game was released, so there are a few differences.
      You will have to fix the spiral road at the bottom of the map and look near the water dam area[bottom right tile]. There are roads missing. I just hand drew them in.

      Use Openiv to extract, import, an mod game files https://openiv.org/
      Use Drawing/photo editing software to edit maps an extracted files

  2. hello am looking for help if someone could i have tried installing one of the map mods for FiveM and it isnt working i done this last time and it worked and now the map isnt changing

    1. I have not a clue unless fivem changed something ,Copying the RPF file into the mods folder should work.
      Ill have to install fivem and check it out soon though to make sure.
      Have a read at the posts below, They may give you a clue to helping your problem.

      1. Yeah I have the file in the mods file going to keep trying till I get it

      2. I just checked out Fivem, mods are working normally.
        double check your file locations
        FiveM.app = [FiveM Application Data] Folder
        Right click the Fivem shortcut icon on your desktop / then click [Open File Location] / double click [FiveM Application Data] / Should then see [Mods Folder] in the list / If there is no Mods folder / Creat a folder an name it [mods] in lowercase.

        If there other mods in the folder try using just the map mod in its own, To see if there is a conflict

        Can not think why its not working for you, apart from checking the file locations, If Installed to a custom location, then they will be diffent from the ones above.

  3. Hi, I tried to change the map but it doesn’t work, do you know how I can do it? what i did was copy and paste in AppData\Local\FiveM\FiveM.app\mods

    1. just copy the RPF file into the mods folder should work. I do not have gta installed to test if anything has changed with Fivem.
      Ill have to check when I got time off work.
      Sorry for the late replay

  4. When will you guys make a Cayo Island map add on for fivem?? I love your guys work!

    1. Thanks man, But I am afraid I do not have the time to make new map mods, Very sorry
      Plz feel free to convert and experiment with mods as you see fit.

      1. Fail enough, thank you for taking the time to get back with me. If I figure out how to do what you did for the island map I will send you the files. Thank you for what you do.

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